WE Collective

About WE Collective

We are a community of women who support, connect, and engage with fellow female entrepreneurs in and around Durham, North Carolina.

We are an inclusive group committed to diversity, authenticity, accountability, and collaboration.

We strive to address the unique challenges facing female business-owners by sharing resources, meeting monthly, providing each other with business feedback, and creating a supportive community for local women entrepreneurs.

We are equally as passionate about supporting one another as we are about supporting the local freelance and entrepreneurial culture of Durham and the surrounding area.

As a group, we value the diversity of our city and strive to have that diversity represented in our membership.

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WE, for me is a vibrant life giving community of like minded women bursting with a diversity of experiences and backgrounds from which to glean wisdom, support and encouragement from. I am new to the group and already value the community of real women, working to have balanced, enriching and rewarding business and life.
— Carlye